(Pocket-lint) - The self-dubbed "world's smartest helmet" is now available for preorder, enabling you to ride in style, or more specifically, with with a heads-up display, rearview camera, and GPS navigation. All you have to do is fork over enough cash to buy a pair of Google Glass

We thought motorcycle helmets had peaked when Reevu released its MSX1 with a mirror system that lets you look behind your bike. Now Skully has pushed the boundaries further with a heads-up display called Skully AR-1. The device allows a picture-in-picture view to be displayed via a built-in plastic visor. Everything is positioned outside the rider's primary field of view and appears approximately six meters away.

In fact, the display will show things like navigation and blind spot data using a rear-view camera that has a 180-degree viewing angle, eliminating the need for riders to shift eyes from the road. Some other features include the ability to be paired to your mobile for voice control of music, texts, calls, etc, all hands-free. The battery will notably last 9 hours and can be recharged via micro USB.

Scheduled for release in May 2015, the Skully AR-1 has all the usual cutting edge motorcycle traits too, such as a lightweight, aerodynamic, tricomposite shell, 3D laser-cut foam for a comfortable fit, adjustable ventilation, anti-fog, scratch and glare face shield and a quick release chin strap and visor. You can watch the video above for more information on features.

The international version of Skully's smart motorcycle helmet costs $1,599, if you preorder now. Yup. That is close to as much Google's $1,500 Glass heads-up display, but the steep price tag comes with free international shipping and of course one helmet in Matte Black or Gloss White finishes. Skully also offers sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Check out Skully's website for more details on other preorder packages and price points.

Writing by Elyse Betters.