(Pocket-lint) - Google's I/O developer conference is tomorrow, meaning upgrade announcements from the company are starting to trickle online. And Brits will be glad to know the most recent news comes from the Google Glass team.

Google wants you to know it is constantly improving Glass, thanks to feedback from the Explorer Program. In fact, the company just opened the Explorer Program to Brits earlier this week. Anyone living in the UK - who is at least 18 years old - can now buy a pair of Glass and start reporting back to Google what they experienced. But they won't be receiving the old version, they will get a newer, updated version that comes with double the amount of RAM.

"Glass will now start shipping with 2GB of RAM," announced the Google Glass team through a Google+ post on Tuesday. Apart from announcing a spec bump, the Glass team also reviewed some notable updates over the last year. Glass now features an improved battery life, voice search, performance, and design with different frames and shades. Glass also offers prescription support.

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But that's not all: the latest version of Glass will provide an easier way for you to frame your shots. Simply say “OK glass, show the viewfinder”, and then four framing-corners will instantly appear in your Glass screen. Glass also added two Google Now cards for finding where you parked your car and when your packages will arrive at your doorstep.

With Google I/O being held this week, you can expect much more news about Glass and other Googley-things to surface soon. Exciting.

Writing by Elyse Betters.