Google Glass has arrived in the UK and there are a number of styles you can choose from, as well as a selection of colours including black, blue and orange.

We popped down to the Glass launch event in London to see which one was our favourite and which we will be saving our hard-earned cash to splash £1000 on a pair.

Google Glass is available to all those in the UK and US over 18 years old and the titanium frame styles include Split, Thin, Bold and Curve, each of which will also be able to cater for prescription lenses.

framing the future the styles shapes and colours of google glass image 6

If you are more of an outdoors type then Google has thought about you too, bringing three styles of sunglasses to the Glass collection including Edge, Classic and Active.

Google Glass is surprisingly lighter than we originally thought it would be and while we weren't sure on the idea at first, after trying on every pair there was on display, they may have managed to win us over.

framing the future the styles shapes and colours of google glass image 8

Don't get us wrong, we still felt a little silly saying "OK Glass" when surrounded by people but the tapping and swiping of the side was a little easier to become accustomed to.

Google Glass will let you do all sorts of things from taking a picture or video, navigating and finding out flight information to translating a foreign menu, finding out information about the stars in the sky and seeing which news stories are breaking.

A couple of UK-specific apps will be available from launch including Star Gazing, Shazam and The Guardian, which were all great fun to use.

Additionally, Google has teamed up with Diane Von Furstenberg to create some designer Glass units that we loved. They aren't available in the UK yet but they have launched in the US as of today and you can pick them up from the US Glass website and Net-A-Porter for between $1500 and $1800.

framing the future the styles shapes and colours of google glass image 3

There are five frames available in the DVF range, along with eight shades that include the Bronze Gradient Aviator, Shiny Ink Frame and the Sea Emerald Flash Aviator.

If you live in the UK, you can become a normal Google Glass Explorer now by visiting the Google Glass website and if you are struggling to decide, then you can check out the gallery for all the snaps of the ones on display both on and off - you'll have to excuse our poses!

We certainly didn't suit them all, in fact it is questionable if we suited any, but we had great fun trying them out. Some frames actually make Google Glass look good, not just geeky, and that's the future.