(Pocket-lint) - Update: Any US resident will soon have the opportunity to buy Google Glass. But they'll have a limited time to do so.

Google has announced that it'll expand its Glass Explorer Program on 15 April, when it'll let any adult-aged US resident purchase Glass for $1,500 (plus tax). They'll also get to pick from a selection of shade and frame options. There is one catch, though: spots are limited. To register for a pair, quickly fill out Google's Glass form next week.

As for eager Glass fans living outside of the US, Google apologised for the limited Explorer program expansion: "We’re just not ready yet to bring Glass to other countries," the company said. 

Original story: The Verge has reported, citing leaked internal documents, that Google will announce on 15 April that anyone in the US will be able to purchase Google Glass for $1,500 a pair. Google allegedly plans to open its Explorer Program to the American public for only one day however - and it'll throw in a pair of sun-glass or prescription shades free of charge.

Although the details haven't been finalised or confirmed by Google, the leaked document indicated that this deal is simply a limited-time expansion of the Explorer program. A full consumer release is expected for later this year. Google is probably flash-selling Glass to get it into more hands and ramp up testing before embarking on an official launch.

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Prior to this Explorer Program expansion, Google had limited availability of Glass. It accepted 2,000 pre-orders for the wearable heads-up display in 2012, and then it rolled out pairs to 8,000 more applicants later that year. Glass has since only been available through friend referrals and waitlists.

You can view Google's leaked document in the gallery below.

Writing by Elyse Betters.