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(Pocket-lint) - Making its debut for the debonair gentleman is the Google Glass Solo, looking to take Glass to the next level.

The new Glass monocle addresses a problem that Google is calling "the curious case of the covert overt", where those openly wearing Glass are accused of trying to hide their subversive intent.

Glass Solo addresses the problem of social ostracism, as one can simply relax the eye and let Glass drop, secure in the knowledge that the lanyard will keep your wearable attached. 

It can then be tucked into your waistcoat pocket with lordly discretion.

google glass solo looks to cure glasshole woes image 3

Glass Solo has been achievable thanks to some very sophisticated miniaturisation techniques and use of an advanced interactive sapphire crystal glass display. 

Control uses a wink and nudge technique, but cleverly it's the pressure of your assured scowl that powers the optic. That eye grip brings Glass Solo to life; when removed, it slips into a low-power torpor, like Mother after a gin cup.

google glass solo looks to cure glasshole woes image 2

The new eyewear - that would make David Livingstone proud - adopts Google's new Android Wear platform, making this the next-generation glass wear to be seen in.

Google Glass Solo is the first device in the Glass OLE (one lens experience) family and will soon be available through the Explorer programme. A source indefatigably close to the matter has confirmed that rumours of a pince-nez variety seem to be wildly unfounded.

Writing by Chris Hall.