(Pocket-lint) - BAE Systems has announced that the Q-Warrior helmet mounted display system is "exceeding expectations" during real-time field testing in the UK.

The system is specially designed for soldiers who need distinctive capabilities, such as identifying hostile and non-hostile forces, and coordinating small unit actions.

It has a high transmission and high luminance see-through display, incorporating a high-resolution colour collimated screen that uses symbols and video overlaid "intuitively" onto the user's view of the world. Augmented reality waypoints, for example, can be overlaid onto the horizon so the soldier can navigate effectively.

The design of the Q-Warrior display unit features a large eye-motion box to allow soldiers to make relatively large movements of their helmets while continuing to provide a decent view through the screen.

The unit will initially be employed at section commander level, but could become essential kit for every solider in the future.

"Q-Warrior increases the user's situational awareness by providing the potential to display 'eyes-out' information to the user, including textual information, warnings and threats," said Paul Wright, Soldier Systems' business development lead at BAE Systems.

"Other key features include enhanced night vision, waypoints and routing information, and the ability to track both personnel and assets."

The US is also testing enhanced fighting gear for future troop deployment. Three prototype TALOS military exoskeletons are to be trialled in June.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.