(Pocket-lint) - A man and his wife were reportedly pulled out of a cinema in Columbus, Ohio, by FBI agents because he was wearing Google Glass.

In his story, reported by the Gadgeteer, the unnamed man claims he was then subjected to hours of questioning. He says the Google Glass was turned off and he was wearing it only because it was attached to prescription lenses which he needed to view the film. He had worn the Glass at the same cinema twice before, he says, without a problem.

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But once inside, a man sat next to him, flashed a badge, and removed the Google Glass from the cinemagoer's face. He says he was then ordered out of the cinema, where he was met by as many as 10 police officers, and accused of illegally recording the film.

During what he says was more than three hours of questioning, he was asked: "Why don’t you just give up the guy up the chain?" The man, who believed he had done nothing wrong, says he kept asking them to check his Glass to prove nothing was on it.

When he tried to touch Glass to show them it wasn't hot, which it becomes after more than a minute of video recording, he was stopped as he "might delete evidence".

After finally checking the device and finding no offending footage, his Google Glass was returned by the officers.

A member of the cinema staff later explained that there had been problems with film piracy at that particular venue, and the he had been instructed by management to inform the FBI. The customer was given four free tickets by way of apology.

Writing by Luke Edwards.