OpticsPlanet's Wetley brand has announced the GGRX, the first-available prescription adapter for Google Glass Explorer Edition.

The adapters won't ship for another couple of weeks, but you can browse the entire product line at OpticsPlanet's website. There are different models being launched, catering to a wide arrange of people and prescriptions, and the starting price is $99.99.

The GGRX clips on to Glass via the nosepiece, and requires no tools, modification, glue or screws. It features a ligtweight stainless steel frame and polycarbonate lenses with Crisal anti-reflective coating. You can even get different tints, if desired.

You can take the frames-only set - which costs $99.99 - to your preferred optician to have lenses installed, while the single-vision prescription lenses option is priced at $149.99. There's also a Progressive Prescription Lenses for $249.99 USD, and even sunglasses with a grey tint (no prescription) for $139.99.

If you want prescription sunglasses and the eyeglass 2 adapter kit option, that will also be available. OpticsPlanet hasn't announced a price for that bundle, though.

"We devoted every minute to perfecting the product instead of trying to attract attention, and that’s why we believe we are unveiling not just the first available product of this kind, but also the most stylish, most advanced, and most comfortable solution you will be able to find in the foreseeable future," said Pavel Shvartsman, president of OpticsPlanet.

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Check out the promo video below for OpticsPlanet's Wetley GGRX Glass adapters.