Technogym has announced a new bit of fitness equipment for those who like to go running indoors and wear their Google Glass.

The niche product, showcasing at CES this week in Las Vegas, will let Glass wearers tap into the specially enhanced treadmill allowing them to see running data on their headset rather than, er, look down at the huge tablet-like console directly in front of them.

But it's not just Google Glass. The Android-based system, dubbed Unity, comes with an API that allows any app for a third party to connect to the intelligent treadmill, meaning you can get data tapped straight into your favourite app or on to a device you are wearing. 

"Unity is part of Wellness on the Go, Technogym’s complete experience that allows users to engage and connect with others on any piece of Technogym equipment, anywhere in the world," explains Technogym, living up to its name. "Moreover Unity is the first and only console in the fitness industry that offers users the ability to communicate with their personal trainer or friends via webcam."

Unity is already compatible with MapMyFitness, RunKeeper and Withings. No word however on price or when the treadmill will be available in the UK.