(Pocket-lint) - Google Glass has been updated with the ability to take a picture with a wink, along with new features in its software thanks to an XE12 update released Tuesday.

Google says the wink-to-capture feature is faster than using the camera button or voice action on the wearable, and can even work when the display is off. Google Glass "Explorers" can wink their right eye to take advantage of the feature.

However, Explorers may want to be careful who they're looking at when winking, to avoid the ultimate creep shot - wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

It's not clear what technology within Google Glass is being used to make this happen. The wink feature does require the updated Google Glass that can be swapped for free, so there could be new hardware within the revised Glass, at work.

The new update also adds a smartphone-like screen lock to Google Glass. It will prevent others from using your Glass unless they enter the correct pattern on the "screen locks card" in the MyGlass mobile app. The lock screen will turn on anytime you deactivate the wearable or take it off your head.

Software wise, the update adds the ability to share videos to YouTube and participate in Google Hangouts to send and receive chats, photos and make video calls.

After briefly being released on the App Store on Tuesday, the MyGlass app for iOS has been confirmed by Google. Glass will need the XE12 update to take advantage of the iOS platform, where users can set up Glass, get turn-by-turn directions, add new contacts, and turn on Glassware sometime next week.

Those a part of the $1,500 Explorer program will be able to take advantage of the new features. For the rest of us, Google has confirmed it will be launching a consumer version of Glass at a cheaper price and with wider availability in 2014. The new features in Glass is a step in the right direction.

Writing by Jake Smith.