Google Glass is about to get easier to use on the iPhone, after its long reliance on Android.

The Google MyGlass app for iOS was briefly released on the App Store on Monday, before being taken down. It's not clear why the app wasn't left to stand, but nonetheless, gave us a quick glimpse of how Glass on the iPhone will work.

The MyGlass app will serve users with the ability to set up Glass hardware on an iPhone, see navigation directions, add contacts to the wearable, add Glass apps, view text messages and screencast the iPhone's screen.

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"If you don't have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time," Google warned.

The release of an iOS app is seen as a step in the right direction before Google Glass' launch to the masses in 2014. It would be quite the sad situation if users were required to use only Android, thankfully that won't be the case as long as the app resurfaces on the App Store soon.