(Pocket-lint) - Google has released a Play Music application for Google Glass users, giving them a way to stream music through the wearable gadget. The application was previously announced in November, and it has now officially been made for the "Glass Explorers".

The Play Music application for Google Glass can be downloaded from the MyGlass website or the Google Glass Android application. If you side loaded the Play Music application early through a developer build in November, you'll need to uninstall it before installing the official version, Google warned in a posting on Google Plus.

The Play Music app on Google Glass gives you the ability to swipe through songs right in front of your eyes or to yell loudly, "Listen to Miley Cyrus" as you're running down the beach. Users can also use Sound Search, a feature introduced to Glass two months ago, to identify playing songs like Shazam and SoundHound.

Google is also offering a pair of studio earbuds that will integrate directly into Glass. They will cost Glass users $85 from Google's official website and ship with interchangeable caps to spice up the fashion aspect of the wearable technology.

Glass currently has limited availability. Don't expect to get the wearable to jam out with unless you know an Explorer who can get you into the program and you have $1,500 to drop.

Google has confirmed it will be launching a consumer version of Glass with a cheaper price point and wider availability in 2014.

Writing by Jake Smith.