(Pocket-lint) - At long last Google has released its eagerly anticipated Glass Development Kit. This means developers now have access to areas in the Glass hardware that were previously inaccessible.

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The kit, referred to as GDK or Google Developer Kit, will allow developers to write apps that can work offline, in real time and which use the device’s accelerometer and GPS. Until now developers were only able to create apps using the limited Mirror API.

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Google Glass senior developer advocate Timothy Jordan said: "While it is difficult to install apps, more than 83 per cent of owners have at least one on their Glass."

Some other options now open to programmers, to name a few, are: allowing developers to access the location provider, control the camera, insert voice commands and triggers into the menu, create live cards and detect gestures on the touchpad.

The announcement was made at a Google hackathon event where several apps built using the GDK were shown off. With the second version of Glass due out next year, and expected to go on sale to the public, it looks like wearable kit is finally near.

Writing by Luke Edwards.