(Pocket-lint) - Google is turning up the volume ahead of Google Glass's official foray into the market in 2014.

It has announced that Google Play Music will soon be available for Glass users, shortly after developers in the community side-loaded the music playing service through some hacking. There's no word on when Google Play Music will grace Glass Explorers' ears, but at least Google has made things official.

In a Google+ posting on Monday, the Glass team shared a video featuring Los Angeles producer Young Guru talking about listening to music through Glass.

Also shown in the video are Google's studio earbuds that will integrate directly into Glass. They will run Glass users $85 from Google's official website and will ship with interchangeable caps to spice up the fashion aspect of the wearable technology.

Why do glasses need to play music? Well it would be handy to swipe through songs right in front of your eyes or to yell loudly "listen to Miley Cyrus" as you're running down the beach. Users can also use Sound Search, a feature introduced to Glass two months ago, to identify playing songs like Shazam and SoundHound.

Glass currently has limited availability. Don't expect to get the wearable to jam out with unless you know an Explorer who can get you into the program and you have $1,500 to drop. Google has confirmed it will be launching a consumer version of Glass with a cheaper price point and wider availability in 2014.

New features like Tuesday's music addition and accessory store in October indicate Glass is well on its way. Google hasn't announced when Play Music will be available for Glass users, however.

Writing by Jake Smith.