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(Pocket-lint) - Google is building something massive at Treasure Bay, an old navy base in the middle of San Francisco Bay. CNET first reported that it could be a data centre, but more interestingly, KPIX says it will be a structure aimed at consumers. It may sound odd, but think of all the crazy stuff Google has done in the past. 

Specifically, the local CBS station reports Google is working to build a "marketing centre like a giant Apple store" that will show-off Google Glass. A floating barge was seen moving down the bay with a large structure on top, raising many questions from locals. 

It has been reported in the past Google has plans for Apple Store-like stores to show off Google Glass. The standalone retail stores have been reported to be comin to major cities in the US "for the holidays" - around Christmas time - though it's not clear how that timeframe has stuck over the past year. Given Google's sometimes odd ways, the floating barge to market Google Glass's public launch in 2014 might make sense.

However, KPIX reports Google is having trouble gaining the necessary permits, and that work on the facility has been halted. The director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission says Google has to prove why it couldn't build on land, but the company has been secretive about the project so far.

Writing by Jake Smith.