(Pocket-lint) - Google Glass still hasn't been released to the masses and we're already getting word of a second version in the works. But back to the now and Google has come up with a firmware update for the model currently being used by Explorers. We can expect blink controls, more specific voice commands and music control.

The latest XE10 update, studied by Android Police, appears to offer some exciting blink control options. A "wink for photo" function is found in the new build as does the option to control something using a "double blink". While this sounds great it might still be held back by Google because of privacy concerns.

Music has also had an upgrade with a quick control command of "play music" added. This will likely be a way of accessing and controlling music from your phone. It also includes a layout for music items like album art, album name, track name and artist name. Also you should be able to control play, next, previous, pause and stop. A new radio icon has been added which could be used for Play Music's All Access radio channels.

App specific controls have also been added like "take note" to instantly record in Evernote, or "post update" to add to your Path account. Other controls include: "find a recipe", "check me in", "call me a car", "add a calendar event", "learn a song", "start a run", "translate this", and "tune an instrument". All very cool potential uses but whether these controls will have apps to support them anytime soon is another matter.

Perhaps the most exciting new control, which likely won't be usable for some time, is "create a 3D model". Imagine looking at an object and that being enough to create a file for 3D printing. The mind boggles.

The XE10 update will launch next month.

Writing by Luke Edwards.