UPDATE: The video has been removed by Metaio as this was a proof-of-concept that was not sanctioned by the car company featured.

Gone are the days of digging around in your glove box for you car manual to find where the washer fluid should go - thanks to Metaio and Google Glass.

The proof-of-concept app will use Google Glass to display information overlaid on the car that will guide the driver. As you can see from the video tasks can be simply laid out for the user to follow, saving time and money.

Metaio has developed a new kind of 3D tracking and recognition technology to enable this to work. By using CAD models the app is able to recognise real-world equivalents without factors like lighting, glare or position affecting its ability.

The Metaio AR app can work on Google Glass, Vuzix M-100 and Epson Moverio kit. And this video is just the beginning as Meteio is still upgrading visualisations to include programmable shaders and other camera optimisations.

The app will be demoed on Google Glass for developers at Metaio's InsideAR event on 10 October in Munich. The Metaio SDK, Creator and Cloud services will all be available for developers .