(Pocket-lint) - INRIX has unveiled its latest Traffic 5.0 app. And this time it will be available on Google Glass. That means real-time travel and navigation beamed directly into the driver's brain.

INRIX - the big data company behind Garmin, BMW and Audi in-car navigation, to name a few - wants drivers not only to be guided by Google Glass, but also to use it to help others.

If a driver sees an accident, they can log it so INRIX steers other drivers clear,  and they can also send a snapshot to clarify the nature of the incident. This is an exciting step towards cloud driving where every connected car helps guide others, keeping traffic flowing without congestion. It also means a badass heads-up-display while driving.

The Google Glass app will give drivers the fastest route, alerts to accidents, and the ability to share arrival times with anyone they're heading to meet. And it's all done using head tilts and voice controls for safety.

It all sounds great but not only is Google Glass not on sale until 2014, but when it does land in the UK it also may not be legal for use in the car. But since satnav is most useful when abroad anyway this is still relevant for anyone, like us, who can't resist the thought of real heads-up-display driving.

Writing by Luke Edwards.