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(Pocket-lint) - Augmented reality glasses that actually look good - Google Glass doesn't stand a chance, right?

The plan for Meta is to create a set of glasses that do everything Google Glass does, and more, while dealing with issues that Google hasn't. META.01 will be something you actually want to wear - unlike the bulky Glass. Plus it will be easier to use without distracting you - ideal for overcoming the driving issues Google is suffering as governments ban Glass on the road. But the really exciting part is the augmented reality. 

META.01 essentially uses a mini version of Kinect with depth sensing infrared cameras seeing the world in front of you. Then using qHD stereoscopic projectors the transparent screen becomes a display - letting you focus normally without having to look in the corner, as with Glass.

Meta can project virtual images in front of you and detect your hand interactions with them. From a virtual keyboard or chess - to building designs for 3D manufacture - you'll feel like Iron Man. Although in public you may look more like an arm-waving loon. But with facial recognition at least you'll know who's laughing at you.

With a multi-layer SDK, an army of 750 developers on board, and a price tag of just $667 (£425) - compared to the Glass Explorer price at $1,500 - the META.01 release in April 2014 should be enough to change the way we interact with gadgets. In fact you can pre-order the early SpaceGlasses developer version, featured in the video, for $492 - but they're not exactly ready for public outings, unless you like abuse.

Despite a seemingly superior product in META.01, Google Glass is far from licked. With rumours of a $300 price on release, and more features to come in the final version, it's an exciting time for wearable tech. We're ready for our cyborg upgrade - are you? 

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 19 August 2013.