Google Glass, the high-tech eyewear out of Google, is currently being tested by an elite few who earlier this year were accepted into a special Google "Explorer" program and could stump-up $1,500. It looks to be about 10,000 people. Now Google wants Explorers to spread the love.

As first reported by Marketing Land, several posts on Google+ show Glass Explorers receiving an email on Wednesday to invite a friend to the Glass program. Of course, the friend presumably has to be willing to pay $1,500 for the technology. Additionally the email invitation, reminiscent of the invite to get into Gmail back in its 2004 beta days, says the person has to be at least 18 years old, live in the US, and be able to pick it up in one of three cities - San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York.

Why is this news substantial? It shows the Mountain View-based company is making a move to put Glass in more users' hands. There's no specific release date for the general consumer, though Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said they will get the handset in early 2014. Inviting more people shows progress.

While it's not available in the UK yet, Pocket-lint got our eyes-on Google Glass last month. Check out what we experienced on a trip to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Let's hope you have a generous friend.