Although there are only 2,000 Google Glass devices in the world right now, and none in the hands of the normal consumer, it is already becoming a known fact that in order to wake up the wearable computing headset you have to say "OK, Glass". At least around the tech neck of the woods.

However, it could have been oh so different. We might have had to say "Glassicus" or "pew pew pew" instead.

Amanda Rosenberg, product marketing manager for Project Glass, has revealed that she thought of several hotwords to trigger the device into action before "OK, Glass" was chosen. And some were more ludicrous than others. Some aren't even fit to repeat.

"You're probably wondering, 'What were the other choices the team had before OK, Glass?' Well wonder no more," she posted on her Google+ account yesterday.

"I just asked Mat [Balez, Glass project manager] to send me over the list of suggestions, like literally, just now as I write this. Okay, I just saw the list and there is no way I could not share some of these gems."

Her list of favourite hotwords include the aforementioned "Glassicus" and "pew pew pew", plus "listen up Glass", "hear me now", "go go Glass", "clap on", "3, 2, 1..." and "Glass alive".

Now imagine saying those out loud in the street as you wander about. "OK, Glass" doesn't seem so bad, considering.