(Pocket-lint) - Recon Instruments has revealed the Recon Jet, which combines sunglasses with a heads-up display designed specifically for sports. The new glasses are due to be unveiled at Google I/O, starting on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Recon Instruments has previously integrated a HUD into skiing goggles and is now making the hop to glasses.

"We are excited to be showing Recon Jet at Google I/O. Since we started the company in 2008 we have developed HUDs with a purpose; to relay instant, activity specific, user defined information effortlessly to the user's eye," said Hamid Abdollahi, chief technical officer of Recon Instruments.

Thanks to miniturisation of the components involved, you get a dual-core CPU, a dedicated GPU, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ for connection to other sports sensors. There's also an HD display and camera, the display offering "gaze detection" so it switches off when you're not actually looking at it.

There's also a mic and speakers and, of course, polarised lenses on the sunglasses themselves. The glasses weigh 60g.

The Recon Jet reveal at Google I/O will give developers the chance to see what the new glasses can do, with Recon looking for third-party app integration with an SDK and API available.

That should mean sports apps and services like Runkeeper or Nike+ could easily be incorporated. Recon says it is already working with some of the top sports companies to make that happen.

There's no word on pricing or availability, but it looks like Google Glass has a sporty cousin.

Writing by Chris Hall.