(Pocket-lint) - Google Glass has been out for close to a month for those lucky enough to get into the Glass Explorer program. To use text messaging and navigation on the futuristic technology, you must have an Android handset to create a link between the companion app and glasses via Bluetooth. However, that will soon change. 

Google will be expanding text messaging and navigation beyond Android devices, making it compatible for iPhone users, according to TechCrunch which spoke to a Google employee. It's not clear how Glass will connect with an iPhone. Of course, there's the chance there will be a Google Glass app for iOS, but according to TechCrunch the features may soon be independent of the device a user has it paired to.

Glass must be tethered to a phone connected to the internet (or just use Wi-Fi), and that is all fine and dandy with iPhone in its current state. However, to access features like maps navigation and text messages, Glass would need to access certain APIs that iOS has restrictions on. So technically, the task could be difficult for Google given Apple's restrictions.

We suspect that the retail version of Glass won't rely on a smartphone for internet connectivity, thus bypassing any need to work for Apple's ecosystem directly.

Writing by Jake Smith.