(Pocket-lint) - We may not see the consumer release of Google Glass for another year, but that hasn't stopped developers creating new interfaces and software for the wearable computing device.

The Explorer edition of Google Glass is in the process of shipping to those who pre-registered their interest at last year's Google I/O so there is considerable demand among the developer community for the $1,500 augmented reality specs, and some of them have already started to present interesting applications.

Twitter for Glass has been leaked online and now developer Mike DiGiovanni has unveiled his app Winky, which allows Glass wearers to take pictures through the device's camera simply by winking.

The wink needs to be slow and defined - otherwise you'd snap away every time you blinked - but it's a great step to remove physical interaction entirely. At present, users have to press a button on the side of the Glass or shout out vocal commands.

The Verge has raised an interesting point, however. It says that with the button or vocal control, a subject would know that a picture is being taken. To be able to do so simply through winking raises security and privacy concerns.

For those with access to Google Glass headsets and who can compile Android source code to run it as an APK, DiGiovanni offers it to any prospective "winkers" out there on a dedicated site location.

Writing by Rik Henderson.