(Pocket-lint) - Those who have already received their Google Glass unit because they were lucky enough to get into the Explorer program have already had plenty of hands-on time with the new gadget. However, for the many of us who are sitting around waiting for the consumer release, we're still really curious about how Glass works. 

Luckily, the people at Google have released a one-minute how-to video for Glass titled "Glass How-to: Getting Started", showing off some of the basics for the computerised headset. Our first impression is that it seems very easy to use. The video gives a really good overview of Glass's card system and how you can swipe on the touchpad to access new information.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt said last week that Glass will be available to consumers in 2014. There's no word on how much it will cost, but we wouldn't surprised if it doesn't veer too far away from the $1,500 (£96) price tag of the Explorer edition.

Developers were given the SDK for Glass in mid-April and it has recently been rooted, so it's only a matter of time before we see some cool features ready for your eyeballs. Right now, Google's pre-loaded apps and the New York Times are about the only apps accessible. However, Twitter, Skitch, and Path are all destined to release apps eventually. Since Glass is running on Android, it shouldn't be too hard for developers to go to work either.

You won't be able to buy Glass on Ebay, so you'll have to stick with Google's tutorial videos in the meantime.

Writing by Jake Smith.