(Pocket-lint) - Half spoof, half a look into a possible future for the Google Project Glass Project, ThereIsaCanal has released a video on what it believes Battlefield 5 would look like on Google Glasses.

The duo behind ThereIsaCanal - who like making Battlefield 3 videos in real life - have imagined what they want to be playing a couple of years from now and uploaded it on YouTube for us to enjoy.  

The idea is that you wear the new Google Project Glass augmented reality glasses to bring video gaming to life and let you get into the action rather than just sitting on your sofa eating crisps and drinking beer.

In the video after saying hello to his mate, the lead character goes into a disused warehouse, loads up the game, puts on some tunes, and gets into the action as if it were real. Towards the end he takes a call, shows what he is seeing two his mate - who is instantly very jealous.

While the reality of the video is a long way off, it is interesting to see that people are already starting to think of possible scenarios for the new glasses that have yet to  be launched.

We could easy see a variation of the Battlefield 5 game demo for other geo-location based games in the near future, with the glasses replacing key elements in the environment around you to give you a feeling that you are in another realm, based on where you are standing and what you are looking at. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.