(Pocket-lint) - Facebook and luxury glasses manufacturer EssilorLuxottica have partnered to develop smart glasses as part of a "multi-year" collaboration.

Luxottica is responsible for many of the premium sunglasses and spectacles brands, including Persol and Prada, but the first product will be badged Ray-Ban - after possibly the most famous sunglasses brand in the world.

Facebook will be handling the tech and apps, Luxottica the design (it seems) and Essilor the lenses.

The Ray-Ban smart glasses are expected to launch in 2021.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the collaboration during Facebook Connect on Wednesday. The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset was also unveiled during the keynote address.

"We're passionate about exploring devices that can give people better ways to connect with those closest to them. Wearables have the potential to do that," said the vice president of Facebook Reality Labs, Andrew Bosworth.

"With EssilorLuxottica we have an equally ambitious partner who’ll lend their expertise and world-class brand catalogue to the first truly fashionable smart glasses."

All details, including product name, specifications, software capabilities, pricing and design will be revealed "closer to launch".

With Ray-Ban on board, there's a good change that the smart glasses will actually look like normal sunglasses/spectacles, rather than the odd devices made by Google to kick off the whole trend.

Writing by Rik Henderson.