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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has never shied away from technology and now, working with developers from Preloaded, the corporation is bringing Micro Kingdoms to Magic Leap, providing a new way of interacting with the content. 

The BBC's Natural History Unit is world renowned for nature programmes and having brought Micro Kingdoms to virtual reality in 2018, the move into mixed reality is designed to reveal even more about how these critters use their senses. 


"We're excited to be exploring the possibility space for storytelling in mixed reality and to be working once again with BBC Studios to use immersive technologies to give audiences incredible access to our amazing natural world," said Phil Stuart, founder and creative director of Preloaded. 

Micro Kingdoms: Senses will be available on the Magic Leap One, the mixed reality headset that can blend the real world with digital content. The company calls it a "spatial computer", different from virtual reality which encases you in that environment. Mixed reality augments what you see, giving you a different way to experience that content. 

The downside to this announcement is that Magic Leap One is far from being a widely-accessible device. It's currently available as a Creator Edition - starting at over $2000 - so it's unlikely to have found its way into customers hands.

But this is a stepping stone. Every new format needs quality content and being able to draw on that from the BBC Earth team is not only a great showcase of the technology, but paves the way for other content producers in the future. 

"The ambition of the Natural History Unit is always to connect new audiences in new ways to the wonders of the natural world - and in working with Preloaded on this exciting new project we are achieving that in groundbreaking new ways," said Doug Hope, executive producer, BBC Studios Natural History Unit.

Micro Kingdom: Senses will be available in fall 2019.

Writing by Chris Hall.