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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has announced its virtual reality application, BBC Earth: Life in VR, is launching alongside the Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset.

The game, that has previously launched on the Daydream app store for the Daydream headset, works as a companion to the Beeb's nature programmes, such as Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II.

BBC Earth: Life in VR gives users a journey through different ocean environments to observe, in real-time, the behaviours of different animals and underwater creatures. It takes full advantage of the Mirage Solo's six degrees of freedom sensors, which allow users to move around a virtual space without the need for external sensors

Straight away the game shows off its interactive credentials, as depending on where you move, the family of otters respond to them to move out of your way. Throughout the game you'll come across various other sea life, including a giant squid, a sperm whale and a school of 16,000 krill that you can experience swimming around the ocean as if you're right there next to them.

As at the time of the launch of the Daydream version, there is still no word on whether there will be an iOS, Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR version in future. The Daydream and Lenovo versions of the app are free to download and use. 

Kellee Santiago, Sr. Producer for Daydream Apps said: "BBC Earth's experience on Daydream makes exploring the wonders of our world more immersive and accessible than ever before."

"It allows audiences to guide themselves, based on whatever takes their interest. The experience truly showcases the unique capabilities of the interactive and immersive format of Daydream to provide a platform for deeper understandings of our world."

Writing by Rik Henderson and Max Langridge.