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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has reportedly filed for several trademarks that hint at what its AR/VR headest will be called.

Persistently rumoured for release in 2023, the mixed reality device is tipped to be released under the name "Reality Pro". Apple has also filed trademarks for the names "Reality One" and "Reality Processor".

The trademarks have been registered with the US Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) and have been filed by law firms known to work with Apple in the past. This is a process synonymous with the Cupertino firm.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman writes that the trademarks have been filed outside the US too, in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica and Uruguay. Apple is clearly covering all bases.


And, in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, he points to Reality Pro being the main headset release, with Reality One a possible cheaper model coming later.

Also filed by Apple is "Optica", which is more likely to do with the headset's optical system (possibly an interchanganble mechanism for glasses wearers) than the headset itself.

Earlier trademark clues pointed to the name "realityOS" being filed as well, which certainly points towards that naming structure. However, as none of the filings have been approved yet, the final names could be changed.

It's currently unknown as to when Apple plans to unveil its AR/VR headset plans. There might be a brief tease during the iPhone 14 launch on 7 September, although many believed similar for the company's WWDC keynote in June, and that proved not to be the case.

Either way, it is unlikely we'll see an actual headset until next year at the earliest.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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