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(Pocket-lint) - We've been waiting for official news on Apple's long-rumoured augmented reality glasses for years now, with rumours constantly swirling about the direction of the project at the Cupertino tech giant.

The core of the story never really changes - multiple analysts and industry sources seem absolutely certain that an augmented-reality headset is in the works at Apple.


However, the window in which they might release clearly isn't fixed. Now, Jeff Pu of Haitong Intl Tech Research has claimed that supply chain indications point to a launch in late-2024, later than many others have been predicting.

It's related to parts being sourced from LuxShare, which works on a range of Apple products so is certainly a believable associate as far as the headset goes.

Knowing Apple's secrecy, though, if a late-2024 release window is indeed accurate, you can presume we won't actually hear anything official about the device until shortly before that time - most likely either at WWDC that year, or at a separate press conference in the autumn.

Either way, you can probably strap yourself in for another couple of years of reports and rumours about just what Apple is planning as it seeks to shake up the market.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
  • Via: Apple’s AR glasses reportedly coming late 2024 along with second-gen VR headset - 9to5mac.com
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