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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's augmented reality headset has had a long and winding journey so far, with rumours around the device stretching back years at this stage, but there were a fair few signs pointing to a possible reveal in late 2022.

Now, though, it sounds like we might have to wait longer after all. A new report from industry analyst Jeff Pu has indicated that he thinks the headset will be delayed into early 2023.

This isn't a massive change, since any 2022 launch was expected to be late in the year and subject to supply-chain restrictions that would make for scarce stock, so it might be that Apple wants to avoid launching with shortages.

Pu also estimates that the headset could sell anywhere from a million to 1.5 million units in its first year, which sounds to us like a pretty solid potential success for Apple if it were to unfold that way.

After all, even though it's far from a new concept at this stage, augmented and mixed reality is still something that a heck of a lot of consumers have never had the opportunity to try, so a premium-priced Apple product would be quite a first step in the field.

Still, as always with an Apple product of this sort, we won't be likely to hear anything official until Apple is ready to completely unveil the device, so we wouldn't bank on getting any more concrete information imminently.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.