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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has supposedly been developing augmented and virtual reality devices for years, with the latest reports pointing to a high-end, expensive headset coming in 2022. Now, The Information has shared details about the upcoming headset, including a render even.

The render, which is very crude and child-like, appears to depict a simple headset that looks more like a pair of goggles than a mixed-reality headset. You can see the render below. It's supposedly based on "internal Apple images of a late-stage prototype from last year”.

The Information also corroborated existing reporting about the headset, like that it features a HomePod-like mesh fabric material and swappable headbands. The report claimed the headset could cost as much as $3,000, as well, which is far more than the competition.


That's likely because Apple's headset poised to offer both VR and mixed reality apps. It'll feature over dozen cameras for tracking hand movement, LIDAR sensors for mapping rooms, and dual 8K displays with eye-tracking technology. Add it all up, and Apple's headset, thought to be called Apple Glasses, should offer a far-superior resolution compared to other headsets on the market.

It might not run 8K displays at full resolution the entire time, however, as Apple's eye-tracking technology will determine where exactly you are looking at any given time and then render anything else in lower resolution to preserve energy and improve performance.

Inside, the headset's chips will likely be internally developed Apple Silicon hardware, and they might be powerful than Apple’s M1 chip.

Finally, Apple is thought to be considering various control methods, including hand- and eye-tracking, a dial on the side of the headset, and a tiny accessory. It's all still undecided, and the entire project is reportedly a long while away from being finished or released

Writing by Maggie Tillman.
  • Source: New Apple Mixed-Reality Headset Details: Swappable Headbands, Eye-Tracking - theinformation.com
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