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(Pocket-lint) - We've seen plenty of rumours suggesting Apple is working on its own augmented reality glasses in recent months. Now some new hints have been discovered in iOS 13 code. 

MacRumors says it has discovered suggestions within the documentation relating to an internal build of iOS 13 that Apple is still working on AR glasses or a headset. 

This version of iOS 13 seemingly includes references to a "STARTester" app which itself has the ability to switch between head-mounted and hand-held modes. This suggests this is to allow for testing the way the augmented reality works on a headset directly on the iPhone. 

There are also references to another system known as "StarBoard" which is designed to work with stereo AR-enabled apps. The documentation also suggests that one of the augmented reality devices is being referred to by the codename "Garta". 

This new information seems to go along with the previous rumours that suggest the augmented reality glasses will work with iPhone. We've also seen plenty of sources suggesting that the Apple AR glasses might be coming sometime in 2020.

The fact these new references have been found in potential updates to iOS 13 code only serves to strengthen this suggestion. The company is most likely preparing for launch, though we'll have to wait and see when. 

What do you think? Excited to see what Apple brings to the AR table?

Writing by Adrian Willings.