Apple is rumoured to have a wearable head-mounted piece of kit in the works and now a patent has surfaced to show more detail. It looks like the fruit giant is working on its own pair of display goggles to rival Google Glass and Oculus Rift.

Unlike Google Glass the Apple goggles offer a large face-covering display. They could be more like Oculus Rift than Glass, but may combine the best bits of both.

The patent describes a headset that offers a display fed in from the user’s mobile device. The goggles are smart enough to adapt to the wearer’s eyesight so if they use prescription glasses it will amend the image delivered to account for that. It will also deliver separate left and right eye images allowing for 3D video.

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The patent says: "In some embodiments, the goggle system may include data processing circuitry operative to adjust left and right images generated by the optical components to display 3-D media, or account for a user’s eyesight limitations."

The patent was filed back in 2008 so if Apple is working on this thing it could be here soon. We hope this is Apple’s answer to Oculus Rift and Glass combined, offering a clear fully-immersive 3D display while also overlaying the real world for augmented reality.