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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is set to enter the world of hair and beauty, announcing a London salon complete with augmented reality mirrors, tablets with e-magazines and point-and-learn tech stations.

The new 'experiential venue' - located in east London's Spitalfields Market - will offer people the chance to receive a high-tech cut, with Amazon's own staff initially testing the process out before it opens up appointments to the public in the coming weeks.

The actual haircutting will be left to the professionals, with day-to-day operations overseen by Neville Hair & Beauty - an independent salon based in London - with a price list yet to be released. Amazon indicates the salon will offer a "full range of hairdressing services" for adults and children, including a cut and blow dry, highlights, balayage, treatments and braids. 

Instead of engaging in the physical side of the salon experience, Amazon is instead powering the advanced technology that will appear in the one-off location. Clients will be able to preview and experiment with different styles and colours through the augmented mirrors at each 'styling station', as well as scroll through magazines loaded onto tablets while they wait.

The point-and-learn areas also allow customers to receive more information regarding a product on a display shelf, with an accompanying screen rolling brand videos, for example. These clients will be also able to order products for home delivery by scanning a QR code on their phone, which redirects them to Amazon. 

As of yet, Amazon isn't planning to open any more of the salons. Instead, the company views this move as a continuation of its work in the area, after the recent launch of the Professional Beauty Store on Amazon UK. 

With the recent arrival of Amazon Fresh in London, too, though, we would expect the tech giant to continue experimenting with physical locations in the hope of bolstering its overall retail experience.

Writing by Conor Allison.