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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon Prime members in the US and the UK can now don their favourite portable VR headsets to watch Amazon Prime Video on their own personal screen.

A new app has been released that works with Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go and gives users access to all Amazon Prime Video content in a virtual reality viewing space. 

This new app gives you the ability to view all your favourite shows in the same way you normally would, only on a large, personal viewing screen. Pop on your VR headset, launch the app and you're transported to a virtual cartoon town where you can browse all the available content and launch shows or movies with the click of your controller. 

You're then transported to the middle seat of a darkened theatre with a large cinema-sized screen to watch the video on. We've seen a similar experience with the Netflix app when testing out the Oculus Go and have to say it's a great way to watch.

Amazon/OculusNow You Can Watch Amazon Prime Video In Vr On Oculus Quest Oculus Go And Gear Vr image 2

You get a much more personal and private viewing experience this way - blocking out the rest of the world to immerse yourself in the video content. It also brings the cinema experience into your own home without all the expense of big screens, projectors or surround sound setups. 

As if that wasn't enough to entice you to try it, Amazon Prime Video VR also has 10 different 360-degree VR style videos available to watch. The company is also promising to add more VR-specific content in the near future. 

This currently includes the Emmy-nominated short film INVASION! and the fascinating climate change documentary Greenland Melting. You need an Amazon Prime subscription to view this VR content, but non-Prime viewers can still watch anything in their personal library.

To get started download the Prime Video VR app for Oculus QuestOculus Go, and Gear VR from the Oculus Store, log in to your Amazon account on your headset and get viewing! Find out more here at Amazon.


Writing by Adrian Willings.