(Pocket-lint) - Just this week scientists announced the discovery of nano pixels which could mean displays built into contact lenses. And now Amazon has hired Babak Parvis who founded Google Glass.

Parvis was involved in the early research stages of Google Glass back when it was part of Google's Project X. Now that Glass is moving on beyond research, he is doing the same announcing that he is "super excited" to be joining Amazon.

Before being the head of the Glass project team, he was a researcher at the University of Washington where he developed the first contact lenses with integrated circuits. Now that the technology for displays on contacts is even more advanced he would seem like the guy to take things further.

Amazon has shown it is eager to progress in the hardware market after announcing the Fire Phone. This features cameras that watch the user and allow the screen to re-render images changing their perspective and giving the illusion of three dimensional depth. This is an original and seemingly effective way of making 3D work where others have failed. Could Amazon be making another technological leap with head-worn displays?

While we're sure contact lens displays are coming, issues of power and translucent materials put them still a few years off at least. But with Google Glass proving popular perhaps Amazon is getting ready to jump on the smartglasses bandwagon soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.