Vuzix has announced a new addition to its video eyewear range - the Wrap 920AV. The "stylish" Wrap 920AV functions with any media playing device with a video output and projects a virtual 60-inch screen, as viewed from 9-feet.

Vuzix' proprietary Quantum optics technology gives Wrap 920AV wearers a "see-thru" video experience in the form of a functional pair of sunglasses with prescription lenses optional.

Claiming to be capable of 3D, Vuzix mysteriously states that an "optional Bluetooth 6-Degree of Freedom tracking sensor and/or Stereo Camera Pair will enable users to upgrade their Wrap 920AV to experience virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments".

The glasses claim up to 6 hours of battery life on two AA batteries and will be available from spring 2009.

The Wrap 920AV will be shown off at the CES show later this week, stay tuned and we'll try and bring you more hands-on news, hopefully explaining the optional extras a little more clearly.