Vuzix has teased Pocket-lint with a show of what is in store for the eye wear technology in the coming months.

Although we were unable to snap the new products shown to us (they are in the briefcase above), we were able to garner some information from the company about the future of eye wear.

The new range will be officially announcing at CES in January, and will offer users the chance to view a heads up display while walking around and look like a regular pair of sunglasses.

The news comes as the company announces two new models - the AV230XL and the AV310 Widescreen are the first Vuzix models to run using one standard AA battery with the models offer 7 and 5 hours playtime respectively.

The AV230XL will initially retail at £129.99 and the AV310 Widescreen at £149.99, both models are available now .