Vuzix has launched two new products in Europe claiming they incorporate "ground-breaking technology advances".

Like the company's previous models in its iWear range, the new AV310 is worn like a pair of glasses, and is the first video headset of its kind to feature the full 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

The AV310 claims to offer a screen size equivalent to 52-inches viewed from 9 feet, while the AV230XL is said to display the equivalent of a screen size equivalent to 44-inches when viewed from the same distance.

The AV230XL breaks new ground by using OLED organic LED screen technology for a bright, high contrast display that uses less power.

The two new products will work with devices with TV Out capability including iPods, some MP4 players, games consoles such as Wii, and some phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and HTC.

The AV230XL and the AV310 Widescreen are the first Vuzix models to run using one standard AA battery with the models offer 7 and 5 hours playtime respectively.

The AV230XL will initially retail at £129.99 and the AV310 Widescreen at £149.99, both models are available now .