If you thought that people walking down the street having animated conversations on their handsfree look odd, then imagine the strange looks users of these space-aged glasses will get.

Myvu's video glasses allow you to watch content from an array of video devices whilst looking like you are wearing a pair of rather 80s-style sunnies.

The Myvu Solo Plus edition connects to all video Apple iPod models, including the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic, while the Myvu Universal Edition turns any portable media player such as an MP4 player, mobile phone, DVD player or camcorder into a hands-free, private viewing experience.

The media viewers are claimed to be the smallest and lightest video eyewear available, with built-in video viewing and audio systems.

They come with a pendant for power and picture control, and noise reducing in-ear earbuds by Ultimate Ears.

And, to save you bumping into already bemused passers-by (who will probably think you're on your way to a Star Trek convention), Myvu says that you can also see your surroundings while watching videos.

They come with an ultra-lightweight rechargeable battery, which delivers 4 hours of life.

The glasses are now available through Micro Anvika as well as Harrods, Selfridges, and selected outlets of Bentalls, House of Fraser and Fenwicks.