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(Pocket-lint) - Nreal, a Chinese augmented reality company, has announced a Steam beta for its Nreal Light and Nreal Air augmented reality glasses.

Now, thanks to the beta, which launches at the end of June, you can stream Steam games from a PC to a virtual larger screen.


Nreal said the beta is compatible with Dirt Rally and the Halo series, and you will see the games on the equivalent of a 200-inch HD screen. The beta for this experience, however, "requires a bit of setup effort and is not optimised for all Steam games", according to a press release.

Nreal’s Light glasses launched in the US last year and can be plugged into a Samsung or OnePlus Android phone. They're not as fully featured as AR headsets such as the Magic Leap, but they also only cost $599 and support advanced features like hand tracking.

Having said that, the Nreal Air glasses are universally considered less advanced. They're like smart glasses specifically for streaming video.

Many tech companies also have a renewed interest in AR glasses. Apple and Meta, for instance, are rumoured to be developing AR glasses. Reports seem to suggest they're all still trying to figure out real-world applications for them. Perhaps Steam streaming could be a use-case.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.