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(Pocket-lint) - Do you think of yourself as a bit of a movie buff or an AV enthusiast? Do you love going to the cinema and never quite find the experience of sitting in front of your TV quite as thrilling?

Alternatively, do you find yourself watching an entire film on your smartphone and enjoying the convenience but always end up hankering for more?

If any of these are familiar thoughts and feelings then the Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theatre might be the viewing solution you never knew you needed. 

This is a personal home cinema headset which offers you a wide wrap-around screen viewing experience which gives you the impression you're watching a giant 800-inch screen from 20 metres away with the rest of the world blocked out at the same time.  

Sounds interesting? Well, it looks it too. Read on to discover five reasons we think the Royole Moon is a brilliant bit of kit for enhancing your watching experiences. 

1. A device that oozes quality and style

There's no denying that at first glance the Royole Moon bears a passing resemblance to some virtual reality or mixed reality headsets on the market. But it should certainly not be confused with them.

This is a theatre experience device, not a gaming gimmick. It's also a premium device with high-end design aesthetics that include lightweight, breathable fabrics, smoothly finished plastic housing and superior craftsmanship. 

It's designed to be comfortable, stylish and capable too. This is a device that's been carefully and thoughtfully designed with every aspect of the experience considered. 

The result of all this is a comfortable headset that not only immerses you in the viewing experience by blocking out the surrounding world but also feels great to wear. 

2. Wide wrap-around screen with 3D capabilities

The idea of Royole Moon is simple enough, this headset is meant to replicate the experience you get from going to the cinema, but without all the hassle of actually going out of the house and sitting in a room full of strangers.

It's a personal viewing experience that lets you watch content on a giant 800-inch screen in the convenience of your own home (or anywhere you happen to be). 

The Royole Moon sports two 1920 x 1080 displays - one per eye - said to simulate 3,000 pixels per inch with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Meaning you get a crisp and clear view of a giant screen right before your eyes. A large and glorious display that's perfect for watching whatever film, TV show or video you want to enjoy.  

This system also supports 3D content too, so you can watch 3D movies and videos without the hassle of 3D glasses or cumbersome viewing systems as well. 

RoyoleFive Reasons To Buy The Fantastic Royole Moon Mobile Theatre image 2

3. It's a personal experience

Royole Moon is designed for you. All the sound and visuals are self-contained in a device that's portable and has a battery that's capable of up to five hours of playback.

That means there's enough juice for at least two movies and more (unless one of them happens to be The Irishman) and you can watch whatever you want, wherever you want. On a long flight? No problem, pop on the Royole Moon, block out the noise and misery and immerse yourself in some personal viewing.

The tight fit, comfortable padding and active noise-cancelling headphones ensure the outside world is nicely blocked out and you'll remain mostly undisturbed. The active noise-cancelling is clever too, with a precise self-adaptive system that can reduce ambient noise by 92 per cent or 22db. All this means you are isolated you from the outside world and can just lose yourself in whatever you're watching. 

4. Connectivity options galore

The Royole Moon is much more than just a pleasant viewing experience, it's also a multi-format device. This cinema headset supports all sorts of video formats including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, M2TS, M2V, M4V, MPEG, MPG, TS, VOB, WEBM and ASF. It also works with all the usual things you'd expect including Netflix. You can transfer video from your laptop or PC with ease, but you can also connect this headset to other devices to access all manner of content. 

We played around with watching content on the Royole Moon on our PlayStation 4, using it with a Chromecast and more. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro-HDMI and Micro-USB connectivity make this headset incredibly flexible and great for watching almost anything. 

It also comes with a decent amount of onboard storage, meaning you can pop video content directly on the headset and take it with you on your long commute or journey with ease. 

5. The little things that make a big difference

One of the biggest highlights of the Royole Moon for us are the little design thoughts that make a big difference. For example, this headset is crafted with spectacles wearers in mind too.

You can't wear your glasses while wearing this headset, but you don't need to. There are dials to adjust the lenses to not only account for your pupil distance but also tweak each eye to account for -7.0D nearsightedness to +2.0D farsightedness. So you get a crisp and clear viewing experience and don't have the hassle and discomfort of wearing two lots of things on your eyes. 

The Royole Moon is also designed with a premium aesthetic that's perfectly comfortable, blocks out the world around you and simply results in a sublime viewing experience wherever you are. 

Find out more about the Royale Moon here.