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(Pocket-lint) - Virtual reality just got a little more accessible, for the visually-impaired rich.

Magic Leap, maker of the Magic Leap One headset, announced earlier this year that it planned to sell prescription inserts for Magic Leap One users who regularly wear glasses, and now, those inserts have hit the market. The prescription inserts can be ordered through Frames Direct and cost $249 each. Before ordering you’ll need a copy of your prescription form your eye doctor as well as your pupil distance measurement.

You’ll also need to know which size Magic Leap One you own. With all that information, you’ll be ready to order.

The inserts are easily attached to the Magic Leap One headset. Just pop out the standard insert, and then snap in the prescription insert. You’ll need to enter your prescription into the headset, too, which can be done by going to the calibration menu under the device menu in settings.

Frames DirectMagic image 1

These prescription inserts are a necessary component for Magic Leap, because its headset does not accommodate people who prefer to wear glasses as opposed to contacts. Still, the price is steep on top of the already pricey headset.

The Magic Leap One Creator Edition first shipped in August for $2,295, and as of right now, it's pretty limited in the applications it offers, but that is to be expected, as the company perfects what will hopefully be a cheaper model.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.