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(Pocket-lint) - Do you watch movies on the go? Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theatre is a truly immersive cinematic experience that fits into your suitcase.

If you've ever watched a whole movie on your smartphone screen, you'll know that it can be a less-than-immersive experience. Even a phone with a screen bigger than six inches is unlikely to really carry you away, with or without headphones.

When it comes to movie screens, bigger is better. The Royole Moon is a home cinema headset. So, it's entirely portable. But the twin Full HD screens that sit at the front of the headset are designed to give the impression that you're looking at a massive movie screen.

When I say massive, I mean it's equivalent to watching a screen of up to 800 inches from a reasonable distance. The headset also includes a pair of over-ear headphones so that you can hear the film soundtrack in stereo. And without the intrusion of the outside world, as these are noise-cancelling headphones of excellent quality.

Comfortable to wear

This virtual big screen is fully immersive, thanks to the snug fit to your face (though it's also comfy). The two displays are full HD OLED, the top-flight screen technology that offers bright colours, strong contrast and deep black hues as well.

The headset is beautifully crafted, with a padded headband that is highly comfortable and which you can adjust for the perfect fit. The over-ear headphones are padded, too. It feels good to wear for extended periods, easily for a full movie.

If you wear glasses, don't worry, you don't need to wear them because you can adjust the focus on each eye perfectly on the headset.

There's also a clever bonus which comes from having two screens in the Royole Moon: it means you can watch movies in 3D.

The headset is easy to use: there's a small control unit to turn it on and off and then you can navigate the menu, and play a movie, you control everything from a touch-sensitive pad on the right headphone. You can even change the volume in the headphones by swiping clockwise or anti-clockwise. It's simple, convenient and intuitive.

If you're at home, you can connect with Wi-Fi to for instance your Netflix account, or to a Blu-ray player  orgames console. On the move, you can also access video streaming services via your smartphone or watch movies downloaded to the headset's storage (32GB, so plenty of space).

Amazing picture quality

Picture quality is tremendous, with pixel-perfect 3D on appropriate content and bright, vivid detail on everything, thanks to the high-resolution OLED screens. The battery on board lasts for up to five hours, so plenty of time for a couple of movies or a decent burst of videogaming.

There are a lot of uses for the Royole Moon, from watching a virtual big screen in a small room to creating an immersive experience on a plane or train journey, for instance. It’s a true escape into your own world. And it's a great option for parents keeping a child occupied in the back of the car or a brilliant alternative to the quite standard in-room entertainment in your hotel.

Technology aims to add convenience to our lives, though it's often at the expense of quality. But the Royole Moon is a comfortable headset with great build quality, impressive visuals, winning noise-cancelling audio and real versatility.