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(Pocket-lint) - Magic Leap has unveiled its first Windows Mixed Reality headset and it looks quite unlike anything else on the market.

While Mixed Reality headsets from brands such as Asus and HP look more like virtual reality rivals, the Magic Leap One headset resembles a pair of futuristic pilot's goggles.

It is said to be coming later in 2018, as a Creator Edition initially, and combines Magic Leap's Digital Lightfield technology with environment mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio to present an easy to use, smooth AR/VR experience.

The headset is driven by a Lightpack containing "high-powered" processing and graphics tech. It is small enough to clip onto a belt and be used without many tethers.

A motion controller can be used to navigate through experiences, with force control and haptic feedback built in.

By presenting clear lenses, you can see virtual objects in the real world and interact with them. Rival Mixed Reality technologies often use digital cameras to offer the same view, so might not be as clear.

Audio is built into the device itself.

Creators and developers can sign up for more information, such as price, closer the time of release. All we know for now is that it ships next year and you can register your interest at magicleap.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.