Obama is leaving the White House in the most 2017 way: in VR.

He filmed a virtual-reality experience that's basically a tour through the White House. Called The People's House (another name for the White House), it's supposed to be for people who want to remember Obama's legacy as well as for people who may never visit Washington DC. The VR experience is available on Facebook for everyone, as well as in the Oculus Store for Gear VR and Rift owners.

The beginning brings you right through the front door and toward a podium. From there, you can sit next to President Obama in the Oval Office. You can take a look around the room and see things like a bust of Martin Luther King Jr, a bowl of apples, etc. Michelle Obama also makes an appearance. The whole experience is around 8 minutes long, but a 20-minute version is coming later this year.

VR studio Felix & Paul filmed the entire thing last November and December and said the extended edition will be available in stereoscopic 3D, whereas the current version is essentially a 360-degree video.