(Pocket-lint) - Inception is a new start-up that's determined to be the "Netflix of VR" by delivering original and compelling content to your virtual reality headsets. The team behind Inception includes several industry experts including the executive producer of Homeland. Inception's content doesn't include gaming, but instead comprises other VR experiences such as being able to visit the Dali Museum or attend a party in Ibiza all without leaving your home.

Inception has also partnered with Boiler Room, a community for underground music fans, to broadcast live music events in virtual reality. Both companies are also working together to develop the first "Born for VR" venue that can be used by anyone to broadcast tailor-made VR content to Inception's app.

Inception's content is all designed and filmed specifically for VR, rather than filming something in 360 degrees and streaming it through the app. Content has an element of interactivity as well, for example, if you visit the Dali Museum you can look at different paintings and then select to view a short video that deconstructs the painting to give deeper meaning.

The Inception app is available now for Android, iOS, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, but HTC Vive and PlayStation VR apps have been confirmed for a later date. The company says its app uses proprietary streaming technology to deliver a lag-free experience whilst adding a level of "gamification and interactivity in what would otherwise be standard, linear content, adding an additional layer of immersion that allows the user to control their experience".

Benny Arbel, CEO and Co-founder of Inception said: "At Inception we share the belief that VR is not just the next step in the evolution of TV, it's a revolution of the entertainment industry".

"No longer is the audience just a 3rd party viewer. With Inception's born-for-VR formats, the viewer is actually the director of the content. The user can actually interact with the content and control his or her own storyline."

Writing by Max Langridge.