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(Pocket-lint) - Sony will finally release its virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR, next week, with pre-orders shipping and stores stocking the device from Thursday 13 October.

We've been playing with one ourselves, with a full review to hit Pocket-lint very soon, but we've been made aware of one weird fact that we can't quite fathom: the PSVR processor unit does not pass through HDR video.

That might not matter to you as you don't have a HDR-enabled TV or you might not even have a scooby what we're talking about, but considering HDR was a massive speaking point at the recent PlayStation Event in New York it seems strange that the company's biggest new release doesn't support it.

We're not talking about the headset itself - that wasn't likely to have or even need HDR support - but the small box that connects it to your PS4 is also incapable of transmitting the high dynamic range video signal.

HDR was added to all PlayStation 4 consoles, including the original and recently released Slim. It is also, along with 4K, a major feature of the forthcoming PS4 Pro. It gives far greater contrast levels and a much wider colour gamut so that those with HDR-enabled sets can see more natural, vibrant colour representation.

Pocket-lintyou can t have hdr on your ps4 and psvr plugged in at the same time image 2

The PSVR processor unit is capable of feeding video to both the headset and a TV at the same time, taking a HDMI signal from the PlayStation 4 and passing it through to each device. But while it can pass both 1080p and 2160p signals, it is not compatible with HDR.

That means, to get HDR to your TV, you will have to unplug the PSVR PU and hook your PS4 directly to your TV each and every time you want to have the benefit of HDR gaming.

It's a huge shame as one of the biggest draws of the PSVR was that it feeds both a TV and the headset simultaneously through HDMI. Neither the Oculus Rift nor HTC Vive VR devices offer the same.

Maybe we'll get a firmware update that will alter that, but we suspect the unit is fairly dumb in that respect and cannot be changed.

You'll be able to read more about this and other features and impressions of the PlayStation VR in our review.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 5 October 2016.